Causes are micro groups within HSBNE that are empowered to direct funds towards their own interests without having to convince merit to the group as a whole. In exchange for autonomy, Causes take some responsibility for the upkeep and community building of the hackerspace.

This means that (for example) a group of blacksmithers can direct funds specifically towards their interests (ie a new anvil) without having to convince the wider group of its merit as an expenditure. It means they can maintain their area and buy appropriate consumables for it.

The one big caveat

When total funds of the hackerspace drop below the marker defined by the Treasurer, all cause fund allocation freezes until the general bank balance recovers.

This marker is currently defined as $10,000

As a cause member

You may allocate up to 25% in total of your monthly dues towards up to Three causes, which gains you membership in those causes and voting rights. You can change these allocations once per month by contacting the Treasurer and notifying them of your preferences.

As a cause leader

Minimum Requirements

At a minimum, to exist a cause must have:

  1. One leader
  2. Five members total
  3. Committed to the contribution rules
  4. Approval from an executive majority vote
  5. Registered themselves with the Treasurer
  6. A wiki page (on the HSBNE domain) stating
    • The current leader.
    • The cause objectives.
    • Causes contribution details (classes, area of upkeep etc).

Cause Contributions

Causes must contribute back to the hackerspace as defined by the executive. Failure to meet these obligations in a calendar month will result in no funds being allocated for that month, and the cause area being shutdown until the obligations are sufficiently met. The current rules for contribution are:

  1. One unique class run per month.
    • Unique means separate classes, not repeating the same class. ie: lathe use and welding, or intro to soldering and oscilloscope 101
  2. Obligation to ‘own’ a physical area of the hackerspace and be responsible for its upkeep and appearance.
  3. Grants specifically for the cause must also have some contribution to the hackerspace as a whole.
How is upkeep managed?

The area defined for upkeep gets cleaned and approved by a member of the exec as acceptable. Photos are taken as a reference. Each month a walkthrough will be performed to grade the area against the reference photos. No walkthrough report means no funds allocated for that month, and the area will be closed until the grievance is resolved.

Cause Rules

Operation of a cause is bound by similar rules as the group as a whole. When in doubt, read our incorporation rules and follow them. The relevant clarifications are:

  1. Quorum is defined as minimum 3 people or 40% of cause membership, whichever is greater.
  2. The cause leader has a discretionary amount as determined by the Treasurer. (Currently $100/m but can not exceed cause balance)
  3. Causes may (at the discretion of the treasurer) accept contributions from sources other than membership fee alotments.
  4. Causes meetings may only vote on items relating to the expenditure of a causes balance.

Otherwise, a cause operates as does the larger group, to highlight a few key points:

  1. The requirements for meetings to vote on decisions with:
    • Quorum at a meeting.
    • Adequate public notice.
    • Minutes accessible to HSBNE membership.
  2. Five days notice to HSBNE members for financial meeting items.

Causes are not Silos

A cause empowers you and people with similar interests to direct funds appropriately within your own consensus. It does not, in any way allow you to:

For the purposes of our incorporation rules, causes are defined as subcommittees.

Lets do this!

To start a cause, contact the executive with:

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