Dispute Resolution

Bad behaviour at HSBNE is unacceptable. By being a part of our community you give up certain freedoms in order for our community to run smoothly.

When a member does something against the ethos or community of HSBNE, they will be issued an infraction.

An infraction is a publicly posted notification of bad behaviour. If a member accumulates a significant amount of infractions over a period of time, infractions will be used as the justification and documentation for them being asked to leave the HSBNE community.

Posting an infraction is:

The general membership may request the executive issue an infraction by following these points.

Issuing infractions should not be avoided, but they are not for minor issues. They are serious documentation of unacceptable behaviour.

The executive commits to pursuing alternative forms of rectification where appropriate, such as private conversations with member or utilising online communication moderation tools, before moving to issue an infraction.

Examples of behaviour against the ethos and community of HSBNE

This list is non-exhaustive, and is for examples only.

Examples of behaviour that should be solved without an infraction

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