How to Join

Come along and meet us! We have no requirement for membership. We ask that you join when you want to contribute back to HSBNE.

Ready to Join?

  1. Attend a Tuesday Open Night.

    Get a feel for us in person before joining to make sure the culture will work for you.

    Also the executive is responsible for vetting your membership, so we like to get to know you!

  2. Sign up for Membership Induction

  3. Get Inducted

    Once you've signed up for an Induction, you will recieve an email from us to book a date. Inductions are held regularily, mostly on Tuesdays at 6pm.

    Please ensure you bring photo ID

  4. Send payment to HSBNE

    You will recieve an invoice after your Induction once we've accepted your membership.

  5. Get site access

    After your payment has cleared we'll have your access set up and ready for you on the next Tuesday night.

Membership at HSBNE


  • A warm fuzzy feeling.
  • 24hr Access to the Port Hack Campus via RFID
  • Voting rights in the group
  • One black 55L storage tub in member storage (If required)
  • Discounted Classes

Fee Structure

Backer Hacker
  • $100 per month, no further discounts.
  • $60 per month, or
  • $55 per month, when paying 3 months in advance
  • 1 Month $60
  • 2 Months $120
  • 3 Months $165
  • 6 Months $330
  • 12 Months $660
Starving Hacker
  • $30 per month, no further discounts
Lifetime Hacker
  • $0 per month, for life

Available to any member having paid 10 years membership either normally through the above options, or in advance. Paying in advance takes into account prior membership, and is calculated at:

( 10years x 12months - <Months of Accrued Membership> ) x $55

Working Hacker
  • Work in exchange for membership
  • Limited slots available, 10% of total members

Available for people passing through, or those with more free time than money. Come talk to the executive, see if theres a free spot coming up and let us know how you can help.

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