The Port Hack Campus

217 MacArthur Ave, Eagle Farm, QLD 4009

Our campus includes 2 buildings on a 3,500m2 plot. We have a general work room, a classroom, dedicated rooms for Digital Fabrication and geeky Crafts, the Boneyard full of scavengable parts, as well as dedicated Woodworking and Metal working rooms.

How do I get to HSBNE?

By Car

Make your way onto the ICB Northbound, follow through onto Kingsford Smith Drive. Take a right at Remora Rd, and a left at the first roundabout, onto MacArthur Ave. Continue past the first (and only) left hand turn (Barcham St) and turn right into our driveway just past that.

By Public Transport

The best City Cat terminal to go to the Northshore Hamilton City Cat terminal. Once you arrive walk up the ramp and through the park, turn left and walk about 600m past the really TALL shed and car park and the space is the first driveway on your left. It's about 700m all up.

By Walking / Riding

Shortest most direct route. 7.9Km This is the shortest quickest way there from the city, lots of traffic, pedestrians and 99% main roads. I would only ride this if you are happy riding on the road in mains road traffic conditions.

Safest cycling route. 10.1Km This route takes you round the back of the city and mostly stays to bike paths or bike lanes, it is a bit hillier but there is a lot less traffic to deal with.

The scenic route. 15.3Km This is a reasonably long and mostly flat ride, there are a few hills when you come round past the story bridge including one evilly steep one, but it's well worth doing. Wear plenty of sunscreen and bring water to drink as there's a few gaps with little cover and no water to be found.

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