Member Information

As a member run club, here you can find all the boring but necessary documentation.

HSBNE Rules and Policies are in effect on site, and at any gathering using the HSBNE name to organise.

If you're looking for meeting minutes, they are [on our wiki](

New Members Guide

This is a digital version of the new members guide. The link above takes you to the latest version on Google Drive, but there's also a PDF.

Group Rules (Constitution)

Our group rules are a fairly well modified version of the Model Rules for Incorporation. If any policies below are inconcistent with this constitution, they will be overidden.

Associations Incorporation Act


HSBNE's COVID19 management plan and policy.

Policy Policy

How to change our Rules and Policy.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is a set of guidelines that outline an acceptable standard of behaviour and conduct of all HSBNE members and guests whether it be online, in a pub or at HSBNE.

Safe Space Policy

Our Safe Space policy describes the environment of inclusivity and safety that we wish to create for people from all walks of life. HSBNE aims to be an equitable hackerspace.

Dress and Presentation

How we expect everyone to present themselves when participating at HSBNE.

General Membership and Payments

This document clarifies the processes and rules around handling new memberships, payments, the admission/rejection of new memberships and terminating memberships.

Safety at HSBNE

Safety is important at HSBNE and it's hard to hack when injured. This outlines the group's safety expectations when you use the space.

Electrical Safety and Faults at HSBNE

Electrical safety is of particular concern and note at HSBNE. This policy outlines responsibilities and proceedures when there is unsafe electrical.

Chemicals at HSBNE

This outlines the requirements when dealing with potentially hazardous chemicals.

Site Modifications and Electrical Work

This policy details certain rules and procedures around making site modifications or performing electrical work.

Dings and Bans

Disagreements between members are inevitable. Through experience, HSBNE has provided this dispute resolution policy.

Storage at HSBNE

We have a number of places you can temporarily store your projects while working on them, this outlines the group's expectations when you use them.

Large Projects at HSBNE

If you want to work on something large at HSBNE, theres a process you must follow.

Teams at HSBNE

Teams are groups of members with a budget, plans and goals to progress some part of HSBNE.

Guests at HSBNE

Clarifications around having guests or non-members at HSBNE.

Ticketing System at HSBNE

HSBNE utilises a Ticket system to bring a fleeting sense of control amongst the Chaos. It is recommended you be aware of its usage

Borrowing the HSBNE Trailer

HSBNE has a small trailer for use by HSBNE members. This policy governs how it can be borrowed.

Other Policies

We have a number of other policies and guidelines within the group. These are typically the result of a meeting.


How we manage assets at HSBNE, including testing and tagging, asset registry, end of life etc.

Loaning Equipment

Lending HSBNE equipment to members.


Moderation of HSBNE managed communication platforms.

Privileged Access

Documentation of process and expectations around providing access to restricted resources.

Ongoing Costs

The Executive tries to keep any ongoing cost commitments by HSBNE documented here.

Alcohol & Drugs

Concerning the consumption of alcohol and drugs on site.