Meeting 2013-05-21


  • previous outstanding from from last week:
    • growing the executive
  • reports of the outgoing exec
  • steppong down of the outgoing exec
  • nominations for the new exec
  • voting in the new exec
  • other business.

Meeting Notes

previous outstanding from from last week:

  • conflict of interest plan. tabled for voting this week.

    “making a direct profit from the group(not the members)” is the definition we are currently working on. If someone in the exec does this it must be disclosed, and the exec member should be excused from the particular vote.

    votes: all(25) in favour, none against.

  • dispute resolution document(as proposed at last meeting )

    this is designed specifically to increaase transparency, and simplify handling of questionalable and borderline behaviour.

    votes: all(25) in favour, none against.

  • membership payment processing.

    • instant payment processsing
    • less legwork for treasurer
    • optional “hsbne” account/balance for RFID enabled things.
    • not cheap(possibly as much as $700 per year , or 3% of capital)
    • useless if we dont write the software for it.
      • minimum viable software would be emailing the treasurer upon payment.
    • eg: e-way is higher setup fees, longer lockin but cheaper per-transaction.
    • recommend max of 3% of gross for payment fees.

    vote q: “are we willing to spend upto 5% of captial for total financial fees, or upto 3% of total capital for processing fees”?

    vote: 23 in favour, 2 against.

  • expanding the current executive to a bigger group(dicussion followed by vote):
    • The idea is to “keep the voting block at 3”, but define the partyzone (communications and involvement) as including something like: “events coordinator, safety officer, site coordinator/quartermaster (getting shit), PR/communications officer, duty officer/s, longest running member? etc” in order to distribute the workload a bit more.
    • perhaps increase the voting number to 5?
    • discussion of “fluid democrary” as a possible idea/system to be used?
    • comparison to trello is that it seems reasonable?
    • general concensus is that increasing the voting group to 5 is good. (not formally voted on ?)
    • eg, vice president may be the outgoing president, “founder” being the longest standing member willing to be on the executive.
    • general concensus is that we thing we can probably get a concensus on this tonite…..
    • we are generally in favour of 5 as voting number.
    • we are in favour of vice president (not the ourgoing president, possibly a new and upcoming position)
    • we are in favour of “patron” or “old fart” position as being a mature or possibly long-standing member who is encouraged to have at least 2 years in the space?
    • we encourage all executive to typically be member/s in excess of a year. (not enforced, just encouraged)

    • a “new and upcoming” position to support the president (called the vice president?)

    • Called to a vote:

      The 5 voting roles(two new) are now are taken to a vote:

      president, secretary, treasurer, vice-president, patron.

      vote taken: all in favour 25+, none against, of these 5 roles moving forward.

  • vote to remove the “no subcomittee” clause in the “rules” was all in favour (25+), none against.

Report/s of previous exec

  • president:

    says a few words:

    • would like to have done more,
    • very rewarding despite negativity.
    • will not be running again.
  • treasurer

    hands out pretty graphs and formal report.

    pretty-much cost neutral, havent gone too far backwards. spend just about $5k(which is very little). this is great as compared to the ULDA report for.

    vending machine will be paid for within 4 months, going well. all things going adequately, and being improved and a little more robust.

    estimate $20k-$25k operating for next year.

  • secretary’s report:

    nothing to report (other than the minutes).

Step down of outgoing exec.


nominations for a role on the new exec:

  • President:
    • James Bowler
    • Simon Shea
  • Treasurer:
    • Will Gebers
  • Secretary:
    • Sidney Watters
    • James Churchill
  • Vice-President:
    • Simon Shea
    • Ben Cooper
  • Patron:
    • James Churchill
    • David Bussenschutt
    • Seppo Saario
    • James Bowler

This is the voting tally as taken during the voting in of new exec:

  • President:
    • James Bowler: 15
    • Simon Shea: 10
  • Treasurer:
    • Will Gebers: unanimous, uncontested
  • Secretary:
    • Sidney Watters: 15
    • James Churchill: 9
  • Vice-President:
    • Simon Shea: 14
    • Ben Cooper: 12
  • Patron:
    • James Churchill: 3
    • David Bussenschutt: 8
    • Seppo Saario: 17

New Exec is thus:

  • James Bowler
  • Will Gebers
  • Sidney Watters
  • Simon Shea
  • Seppo Saario

The exec gives a thanks to the outgoing exec for all their hard work .

  • other items:

    • Mediator: Sven has organised a mediator for the group, so if you need one, please contact Sven and get in touch with “Greg”. He has offered his services to HSBNE and its members free.

    • Josh has an outgoing discussion item for the new exec:

      When members come to you with “you should”, “this should”, and 99% of the time, that’s a great idea, go and do it yourself.

      “This place is what everone makes, not what the exec make it, so get involved”.




AGM 2013.





Members Present (32)
  • David Bussenschutt
  • Joshua Hogendorn
  • Brendan Hall
  • Blair Calderara
  • Paul Liddy
  • Sven Hanzka
  • Simeon Bruce Higgs
  • Geophrey Lam
  • Hayden Patrick
  • Brendan Carmichael
  • Lawrence Dixon
  • James Bowler
  • James Churchill
  • Seppo Saario
  • Lochlainn Wilson
  • Aaron Bycroft
  • Sidney Watters
  • Eric Reader
  • Rachael Clark
  • Ming Sun
  • Andrew Popple
  • Luke Hovington
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Ben Cooper
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Will Gebers
  • Simon Shea
  • Jonathan Webber
  • Daniel Tullemans
  • Ben Hockley
  • Thananga Kasthuriarachchi
  • Adrian Spojarevic
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David Bussenschutt

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