We are HSBNE

A community workshop run by an enthusiastic group of like-minded members located in Brisbane.

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About us

Who We Are

HSBNE inc is Brisbane’s largest community workshop and maker collective. As Australia’s oldest hackerspace, it brings together the community, space and tools for anyone to learn how to build their ideas, from hobbyists and students to professionals and startups.

Become a member and see what you can learn, teach, make and show.

We have people interested in:

  • Recycled Timber Woodworking
  • 3D printing
  • Drones
  • Virtual Reality
  • Robotics
  • Microcontrollers
  • Home Automation
  • And much more..

Special Interest Areas

Blacksmithing and Forging

Our Blacksmithing and Forging group provide a self maintained and intuitive area to practise the art of blacksmithing, metal forging and sand casting.

Craft Punk

Craft Punk is dedicated to the more artistic pursuits of HSBNE members. It specialises in cosplay, sewing, moulding and casting, painting, models, screen printing, sculpture and vacuforming.

Digital Fabrication

Home of the 3d printers and laser cutters, Digital Fabrication focuses on using these and other digitized fabrication tools to create real objects.


Electronics provides considerable amounts of both common and highly specialised Electronics related equipment and supplies. From soldering irons all the way through to oscilliscopes and even a reflow oven.

Metal Working

Metal Working houses a machine shop with lathes, mills and other common tooling as well as a Welding Area and Hulk, the big green VMC.


Woodworking provides a large wood shop filled with woodworking tools and supplies, where many a pallet has gone to die.

Members Projects

Our members like to make things, here's an assortment to whet your appetite.

Upcoming Events

Contact us

It's best to come see us on our Tuesday Open nights if you want to meet people & see how we work. For everything else, email executive@hsbne.org