How to Join

Come along and meet us! We have no requirement for membership if you're visiting for a chat or tour during a scheduled open event (like our Tuesday night open nights). We ask that you join when you want to contribute back to HSBNE or use any of our facilities.

Ready to Join? Follow these steps:

  1. Come in for a tour

    Get a feel for us in person before joining to make sure the culture will work for you. We try to cater for many people, but the unique volunteer powered way HSBNE runs isn't for everyone. We publish most public events (including tours) on our Facebook and Eventbrite pages.

    The executive is also responsible for vetting your membership, so we like to get to know you!

    1. Book in for a Tour

  2. Register an account

    Create an account on our member portal. The member portal is the central place to manage your membership, report issues, etc. so make sure you bookmark it!

    2. Register Account

  3. Complete a site induction

    Once you've signed up on our member portal, you will receive an email from us to book in for a site induction. Site inductions are held fortnightly on Tuesdays at 7pm SHARP.

    If you come to induction late, you will be turned away and will have to reattend in 2 weeks. Please be on time.

    Please bring photo ID. If you want to apply for the starving hacker membership level, you'll also need proof of your eligibility such as a student ID or pension card. Make sure you mention this at the start of your site induction.

  4. Send payment to HSBNE

    After you complete your site induction and we've accepted your membership, you will receive an invoice. You can pay for this via credit card or bank transfer. You can pay on the spot for immediate access to HSBNE facilities, or at a later date if you need some extra time.

  5. Get site access

    After your payment has cleared (or if you pay the end of your site induction and show us the receipt) we'll activate your access card. You will be notified by email when this happens.

NOTE: Our current payment system isn't linked to our access system. If your card is not enabled (because you're a new or returning member, or are catching up on overdue fees), you need to let us know when you make a payment.

Membership at HSBNE


  • A warm fuzzy feeling and the opportunity to support a unique community focused organisation
  • 24/7 access to the HSBNE campus via an RFID access card
  • Voting rights in the group
  • One 55L storage tub in member storage (if required)
  • Discounted classes

Fee Structure

Backer Hacker
  • $100 per month, no further discounts.
Standard Hacker
  • $60 per month, or
  • $55 per month when paying 3 months or more in advance (up to 12 months)
Starving Hacker
  • $30 per month, no further discounts
  • To be eligible for this level you must be genuinely unable to afford the standard tier. Being a student or unemployed generally makes you eligible. You will require proof of eligibility during your induction.

Lifetime Hacker
  • $0 per month, for life

Available to any member having paid 10 years membership either normally through the above options, or in advance. Paying in advance takes into account prior membership, and is calculated at:

( 10years x 12months - <Months of Accrued Membership> ) x $55