Google HSBNE Account Access


We give email addresses to volunteers.

Human Version

Rules Version

  1. Account Creation

    1. Google accounts are available to volunteers
    2. Team Leads get one by default
    3. Volunteers can request them
      1. It’s preferred they use them over personal accounts
    4. Accounts will be made in the format [email protected]
    5. Team members will be added to a team google group
  2. Account Deletion

    1. On the retiring of a volunteer (becoming a normal member or non member)
      1. Their account will be deleted
      2. The data will be merged to a shared location for retention
      3. There is no expectation of privacy of an account and it should be used for HSBNE related activities only.
  3. Legacy Accounts

    1. Accounts that exist prior to this policy and do not belong to volunteers are regarded as ‘Legacy’
    2. They will be located in the OU ‘Legacy’
    3. Where people stop their membership, it is preferred the account will be closed
      1. Data will be merged if there is consent, otherwise deleted.
    4. Executive has final discretion, but will aim to reduce the amount of Legacy accounts.