Alcohol & Drugs


This policy outlines expectations regarding the consumption of alcohol and drugs onsite at HSBNE and being onsite while intoxicated.

Human Version

Rules Version

  1. Alcohol

    1. To be onsite at HSBNE you are required to be within the legal limit to drive a vehicle.
    2. It is a condition of our lease that outside approved events, no alcohol is consumed on site.
    3. To simplify matters, no operating stills or active brewing on site.
  2. Drugs

    1. Illegal substances are not allowed on site
    2. To be on site at HSBNE, you must not be intoxicated by any substance that would reasonably disallow legal driving
  3. Smoking and Vaping

    1. Smoking or Vaping of any product must follow current legal guidelines.
      1. As of last policy update, this is no consumption indoors, and outdoors must be more than 4 meters from a door or window.