HSBNE has grown to a size where tracking our assets has become critical for financial and safety reasons.

Human Version

Rules Version

  1. Assets must be documentated

    1. An asset is an item considered non-consumable, that stays on site. This means any machine, a handheld tool, equipment etc. The exception to this is all electrical items such as extension leads and powerboards, which could be considered consumable, must be tracked.
    2. All assets must be tracked appropriately in the asset register.
      1. Assets must display somewhere the barcode or identification that corresponds with the register.
    3. The asset register is managed by the Vice President, who is responsible for its upkeep and accuracy.
      1. The Vice President can delegate this responsibility
    4. All machine assets and or stationary workstations composed of a set of assets, must have appropriate documentation on the wiki
      1. Risk assessments and controls must be implemented and documented in the wiki prior to general availability.
    5. All electrical assets brought on site, without exception, must be tested and tagged before deployment/implementation/usage.
      1. Test & Tag tags must remain on assets.
      2. Assets must be retested at appropriate intervals
      3. Assets without Test & Tag tags, or expired tags, must be controlled per the electrical safety policy
    6. Assets with valuations above $250 must be registered with the Treasurer as part of our financial reporting.
    7. Assets that fail, break or are otherwise unusable must not be thrown into the trash, but surrendered to an appropriate location for end of life-cycle process.
  2. Sale of assets

    1. Sales to Members
      1. May only occur if:
        1. The price paid is the greater of
          1. Market Rate
          2. Recorded depreciation value
        2. The equipment is to be removed from site
        3. There has been consensus achieved via vote by either:
          1. General Membership has voted for the equipment to be sold, where the vote details:
            1. The assessed value of the asset
            2. The sale price of the asset
            3. The split of proceeds between team or general funds, or allocation to a budget.
          2. Teams may vote to sell assets they control where:
            1. The vote includes the same information as a general vote
            2. The assessed value of the asset is less than $500
            3. The asset was purchased with 100% team funds
    2. Sales to Non Members
      1. As per sales to members
    3. Distribution of Profits
      1. Where the item was bought with general funds
        1. All proceeds of sale of item will return to general funds.
      2. Where the item was bought with team funds
        1. The split between team funds and general funds will be decided as part of the vote where the item is approved for sale
      3. Where the item was donated
        1. The split between team funds and general funds will be decided as part of the vote where the item is approved for sale
    4. Documentation
      1. Agreement to sell will be documented by the minutes of the meeting
      2. Sale will be documented by receipt, provided to the treasurer in a timely fashion
      3. Moneys received will be provided to the bank account of the association
        1. Moneys received will not be reutilised without being accounted for in this manner
        2. The treasurer is responsible for:
          1. Confirming the sale details & money amount is consistent with the minutes of the vote
          2. Redistributing the proceeds
    5. Section 92(3)
      1. This policy is overridden by the section of the rules relating to Section 92(3) of the Act
  3. Donated Assets

    1. Donations are accepted by executive or team leads
    2. The person who accepts the donation is responsible for (in a timely fashion)
      1. Getting approval for and using appropriate storage
      2. Bringing the donation to the HSBNE standard in this policy and/or;
      3. Selling the donation
    3. Donations should be assessed before being brought to site
    4. Donations that are not approved, or are abandoned on site will be processed as garbage
    5. Donations are explicitly accepted or rejected by the organisation
      1. Where it rejects the donation, It may be made available to members
      2. Members may not personally claim a donation untill it has been rejected by HSBNE
    6. Donations must be recorded in the asset register as such, and detail who made the donation
  4. Loaned Assets

    1. Loans are accepted by executive or team leads
    2. Loans can only be accepted with the signing of a loan agreement
      1. Loaned items predating this policy have 3 months from policy acceptance to sign a loan agreement
        1. Past this deadline disposal may be attempted
      2. A loan agreement must state at minimum:
        1. The party responsible for costs for each: running, upkeep, accessories, consumables, and repairs
        2. The party responsible for making for each: repairs, alterations, modifications
        3. Any events or actions requiring consultation with the owner
        4. The expectations in the event of damage or loss of the item
        5. The term of the loan
        6. The process should the owner abandon the item onsite
          1. The specific terms of what constitutes abandoned, such as minimum contact effort and timeline
        7. Any further expectations as decided at the time
      3. Where a loan agreement is unclear or does not state terms, the defaults are:
        1. Owner accepts that loaned items are ‘at risk’ in a shared environment
          1. In the event of damage or loss, HSBNE does not guarantee any action
          2. In the event of repair/alteration/modification, HSBNE is not required to act
        2. HSBNE is responsible for running, upkeep and consumable cost
        3. HSBNE may choose to pay for accessories and repairs, but is not liable.
        4. HSBNE assumes it may repair or modify the item as reasonable
        5. HSBNE will make reasonable effort to notify owner prior to any irreversable actions
        6. Loans are assumed indefinite, ie without end date
        7. 1 month notification for removal by owner is required
        8. Loaned items are considered abandoned to HSBNE if the owner is uncontactable
          1. Uncontactable is defined as no response over a 3 month period to at least 6 of each: phone, email, sms. (ie fortnightly attempts)
          2. This applies only when item action must be taken, and is not a ‘hearbeat’
          3. Contact attempts will be recorded as maintenance events in asset register.
      4. The loan agreement will be signed, dated and uploaded as a pdf to the asset register
    3. Loaned assets must be recorded in the asset register, and detail the owner with contact details
    4. Loaned assets cannot be sold; unless:
    5. Loaned assets become HSBNE property if abandoned and fall under the rest of this policy