Procedure for borrowing the HSBNE Trailer


  1. Email the exec with time, date and copy of driver’s license.
  2. After receiving written approval, trailer can be used.
  3. After using the trailer, send a follow-up email to confirm the trailer is back onsite.

Rules for borrowing the trailer

  1. The trailer is for use by active HSBNE members only.
  2. Members need to notify the Exec team via email when using or borrowing the trailer to avoid double-booking.
  3. Members need to provide a copy of their driver’s licence with their booking email.
  4. Trailer is lent ‘as is’, HSBNE use may supercede individual members use.
  5. The trailer can only be taken off site once the member has written permission from the Exec team.
  6. While in the member’s possession, the member is responsible for it’s safe use and handling of the trailer.
  7. HSBNE will not be liable for fines or infractions incurred while the trailer is in the member’s possession.
  8. The member agrees that any maintenance or repair shall be documented in email to the Exec team.
  9. The trailer is equipped with an adapter which must be returned with the trailer. Otherwise the member assumes responsibility for purchasing a new adapter from their own funds.
  10. The member assumes responsibility to document the trailer’s initial state.
  11. In the absence of an initial inspection, or in any disputed damages or repairs not documented in initial inspection, the member will be responsible for any rectifications required to return it to ‘as new’ state when the trailer is returned.

All references to email are to the address

Purposes of having a HSBNE trailer

Short-term borrowing only