Hazardous Chemicals, and Disposal

HSBNE : Hazardous Chemicals, and Disposal

Hazardous chemicals in their many forms are well recognised as a threat to the environment. In response to this threat, The government at all levels have issued directives and guidelines for the storage and handling of these chemicals.

For businesses, compliance with these directives and guidelines is a significant bureaucratic effort; business must track the storage and use of these chemicals as well as ensuring that staff are trained in the proper handling of them. As a small voluntary organisation, HSBNE does not have the capacity to run such arrangements, even with the best of technology. Consequently, the organisation has decided that it has no other option than to place the onus for any compliance on the individual member.

HSBNE requires that a member:

As a consequence of this directive, a member must be aware of:

When using the chemical, the member must:

Should there be a spill, the member must:

At the end of the job, the member must: