Large Projects

Large Projects

Occasionally, people come to HSBNE to work on something BIG. This is awesome. In order to make sure everyone has a good outcome, you need to be aware of and follow the process in this policy.

What is Large?

If you cant fit it in any of the appropriate areas inside on site, and it must be stored outside, it counts as a ‘Large Project’. Historically this has been things like


The Process

  1. Put up a proposal on the forum detailing your project. Put up pictures! You must clearly state these points:
    • What it would cost to get it removed offsite. For a vehicle, this is towing costs. If you abandon your project your deposit will be used to remove the project from HSBNE.
    • Your timeline for completion
  2. Take it to a meeting agenda, just post up a link to your build log in an agenda thread and let everyone know you’re looking for large project approval.
  3. Go to the meeting! Talk about your project, let people ask questions. If its a good fit for HSBNE then people will approve it.
  4. Once its approved, email [email protected] and they will provide you with a google document you can fill out. It’s the same thing as your forum post so copy and paste with abandon. If you can speak about how your project expands hsbnes mission/vision/values/goals, it makes it easier to argue the case with the landlord etc.
  5. The executive will take your document to the property manager who will take it to the landlord.
  6. If the landlord okays the project, you can bring it on site and begin once you pay any agreed deposit.
  7. You will be expected to post an update on your build log at least once a fortnight to show you are working on the project. HSBNE may use your build log in promotional materials and on social media.


This process is slow. It can take up to 3 months for this to play out, depending on how busy volunteers are and how prompt the landlord process goes. Do not make your plans around instant approval, or rely on HSBNE for anything on a critical timeline.

Commercial Projects

If your project is commercial in nature, ie you are funded by external capital, have employees you are paying, or you are profitable. (ie, if you’re not a bootstrapped startup), this will affect your project. You will/may be asked to:

At no point in the process is approval guaranteed, so have a backup plan.