Members sometimes request to be loaned HSBNE assets, this policy outlines what happens when they do.

Human Version

Rules Version

  1. By Default, HSBNE does not Loan Assets

    1. In normal circumstances, HSBNE does not loan assets.
  2. Special Requests

    1. Members may make special request for exception to be loaned an asset.
    2. The decision is made by, in order: Team Lead for the asset; Executive
    3. Loans must be documented by a signed Loan Agreement, uploaded as pdf to the asset register
      1. Executive must make available a loan agreement template
      2. Loan agreement defacto includes:
        1. Item to be returned in same or better condition
        2. Borrower to pay to return item to state when loaned
        3. Where asset value is in excess of $500, a bond must be paid
    4. Loans must be tracked by the asset register ‘check out’ feature
    5. Asset must be thoroughly documented with pictures or video upon leaving and reacceptance
    6. Loaned asset can only be reaccepted by person who approved loan
      1. Loaned assets must be explicitly accepted
      2. Any bonds or other conditions will be executed in a timely fashion upon reacception.