This is a master list of policies or by-laws at HSBNE that fall outside the scope of the official HSBNE Rules. These are a working part of the HSBNE infrastructure and social contract. By-laws can be made by vote at a general meeting, or by the Executive Committee1.

HSBNE Meetings

Site Inductions

Before a new membership is accepted, the new member must complete a site induction as per our general membership and payments policy. In addition to this requirement, in order to maintain membership, a member must have successfully completed a site induction within the last 12 months. To avoid any doubt, if a member has not completed a site induction within the last 12 months, their membership may be revoked until such time they complete a new site induction. Successfully completing a site induction for the purpose of this section, is defined in the general membership and payments policy.

HSBNE has seen an increasing number of incidents due to members forgetting our rules and procedures, or not keeping up to date with them. This section is intended to reduce the number of these incidences and create a better environment for everyone.

Site Sign In Register

As soon as practical, once a member is on site they must sign into the site. When a member leaves, they must also sign out of the site. To sign into or out of site, the green room kiosk must be used. If a technical problem prevents the kiosk from working, a member may use the paper sheet next to it to sign in/out.

Access to HSBNE facilities may be restricted until a member has signed in.

EV Charging

HSBNE would like to encourage the uptake of EVs (Electric Vehicles) as they have many clear environmental benefits. HSBNE has multiple members who are EV owners, or in the process of converting a vehicle to electric. There is also a good overlap between EV owners and the demographic/type of person who would be interested in joining HSBNE. By offering free EV charging to members, this is yet another incentive for people to become members of HSBNE.

HSBNE members may charge their EVs at HSBNE while they are on site using HSBNE facilities at no cost. However, the executive reserves the right to ask any member to start paying for electricity consumption if their charging is costing HSBNE more than a reasonable amount. Members must not park anywhere outside of the designated areas in the map below, even to charge their vehicles.

For future reference, a typical EV costs no more than about 20-35c / hour to charge on a standard electrical outlet. The average member is only on site a few times per month so the total cost to HSBNE is quite insignificant when compared to lighting and tool/machine use. In fact, a single member on site with say the green room and metalshop lights on, and ocassional machine use would use a similar amount of power to an EV charging.

Parking and EV Charging Map

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Members are members of HSBNE who have either accrued 10 years of membership or paid up in advance to accrue 10 years of membership. Lifetime Members do not have to pay for membership to maintain their voting/access rights. Paying in advance is calculated as

( ( 10 * 12 ) - <accrued membership in months> ) * 55


Renting was allowed by the meeting on 30th August, 2010 and was revoked by the meeting on XXth of XXXXXX.

As such, it is HSBNE policy to disallow lease agreements for portions of the PortHack Campus.

  1. Section 43 of the Rules