This is a master list of policies or by-laws at HSBNE that fall outside the scope of the official HSBNE Rules. These are a working part of the HSBNE infrastructure and social contract. By-laws can be made by vote at a general meeting, or by the Executive Committee1.

HSBNE Meetings

Site Sign In Register

As soon as practical, once a member is on site they must swipe their access card at the quad door, or the front door to sign in. When a member leaves, they must also swipe their card at the quad door, or front door to sign out. This ensures we can keep better track of who is on site in case we need to evacuate and lets other people on site know someone has just arrived.

Work For Membership

The membership of HSBNE has decided that it wishes to offer membership in exchange for work. This is aimed at allowing less financially able people to continue to participate at HSBNE. The rules for this system, known as WOOFing, are as such:

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Members are members of HSBNE who have either accrued 10 years of membership or paid up in advance to accrue 10 years of membership. Lifetime Members do not have to pay for membership to maintain their voting/access rights. Paying in advance is calculated as

( ( 10 * 12 ) - <accrued membership in months> ) * 55


Renting was allowed by the meeting on 30th August, 2010 and was revoked by the meeting on XXth of XXXXXX.

As such, it is HSBNE policy to disallow lease agreements for portions of the PortHack Campus.

  1. Section 43 of the Rules