WHS Legislation Note

WHS Legislation Note

As HSBNE does not employ anyone, it is not specifically required to adhere to WHS legislation as advised by Worksafe QLD That being said, we have some basic principals of safety and provide and encourage use of PPE as best effort.


Hard and fast, these are the ones with consequences. Please abide by them.

  1. If safety concerns are raised by another person, you must stop what you are doing, and agree upon reasonable safety measures before continuing.
  2. You may never utilise a tool marked for inductions without having attended and passed said induction.
  3. No person at HSBNE shall work on any electrical project or installation with a voltage greater than ELV. (as defined by AS/NZS 60950.1:2003 as “a voltage not exceeding 42.4 V peak or 60 V d.c.”) unless they are appropriately trained and licensed.
  4. No person may leave any hazardous items unattended in the space, such as but not limited to:
    • Exposed wiring above ELV. (suicide cords, damaged tool cables etc)
    • Unlabelled chemicals or chemicals in a container that would otherwise contain food. (no acetone in water bottles etc)
    • Unsecured flammables. (Don’t leave paint thinner in the welding area)

Basic Principles

We consider these principles to be self evident and ‘common sense’, in order for everyones experience at HSBNE to run smoothly. Not acting in line with these is considered a ‘dick move’ in bird culture.

General Concepts

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Register of Injuries If you come into injury at the space in any way, minor or major, please report it to executive@hsbne.org. This is so that they may maintain a register of injuries, which can be used to assess the space for environmental or policy changes.

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