We love donations, your cash or trash can be our treasure.

I'd like to donate cash:

I'd like to donate physical items:

Why donate?

Donating to HSBNE is a great way of giving back to community while getting rid of old equipment.

We're currently working on becoming a registered charity with DGR status, at which time donating to HSBNE will have tax benefits.

Certificates of Donation

If you're a business (or you ask nicely) we're happy to provide a signed certificate of donation for display in your workplace.

What should I donate?

We love all sorts of donations, but especially things like these:

  • Old workshop equipment of any kind
  • Electronic components
  • Anything that has a motor in it, printers are typically good.
  • Office fitout equipment, like boilers, soap dispensers, whiteboards, chairs etc
  • Computers or computer parts, monitors/desktops/keyboards/mice
  • Unused building materials

What can't HSBNE accept?

99% of the time, we accept donations offered. Very rarely, we have to turn down offers, because we simply have no use. Here are some ideas of such things:

  • Old TV's
  • CRT Monitors
  • inkjet printers
  • Especially obsolete electronics