Member Storage at HSBNE

There are several forms of storage for members at HSBNE. The group provides members with crated temporary project storage in the lockable storage area, and it also allows members to ‘park’ projects for specified periods of time. There are also External Storage options available.

Members Storage

Parking Projects

Parking projects is part of the HSBNE Ticket system.

External Storage

HSBNE has a limited amount of space to provide storage for larger in progress projects.

Any item stored externally must have a green parking permit on it clearly marking what it is/who owns it/when it was put there and how to contact the owner.

For usable external storage there are two areas defined. Temporary Large Storage and Hardstand Storage. Please note that storage outside of these areas is not specifically allowed and will need to be moved due to lease obligations.

Temporary Large Project Storage:

If you are working on a large project that needs to be stored on site to be worked on, you may store it in Temporary Large Project Storage.

Items stored in Temporary Large Project Storage:

Hardstand Project Storage:

This area consists of bays that are slightly larger than a standard shipping pallet in size.

Items stored in Hardstand Project Storage:

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