The ticket system at HSBNE exists to help members bring some semblance of control to the utter Capital-C Chaos that hackerspaces tend to be. All tickets must be digitally issued (e.g. via a HSBNE kiosk or app). If a legitimate technical issue prevents a ticket from being digitally issued, they may be issued by hand.

Doom Shelf Ticket

Any item left unattended in a shared workspace for more than one hour and does not have a valid Green Ticket may be relocated to the Doom Shelves.

HSBNE equipment should not be left in shared work spaces or the Doom Shelves. Equipment should be put back in their designated homes.

Items entering the Doom Shelves must be photographed and a Doom Shelf Ticket (sticker) must be applied. After 2 weeks in the Doom Shelves, the item will be treated as a donation to HSBNE and may be hacked on or disposed of by any member.

Green Ticket (Parking Permit)

A Green Ticket is required if you wish to temporarily leave your project at HSBNE. You are required to follow the conditions outlined on the Green Ticket when it is issued. Items requiring longer than one month need a forum post to be made about them each month they are on site, as they are clearly that awesome.

A green ticket will only allow you to store a project on site for a total combined time period of 3 months (e.g. 1mth on site, 1mth offsite, then 2mths on site). Anything longer than this requires a long term project proposal to be approved at a general meeting prior to the end of the 3 months. This time period resets once the project has been offsite for a minimum of 3 months. This rule is to encourage members to remove projects that are abandoned or not being actively worked on.

Specifics for a long term project proposal will depend on the type of project. If it's large enough to be covered by the Large Project Policy then that applies instead. A long term project proposal should contain at a minimum, the following things:

Red Ticket (Parking Ticket)

A Red Ticket is a 2 week grace period warning that the item(s) in question are not stored appropriately. A red ticket may only be placed on something if it doesn't have a valid green ticket or it doesn't have clear signage indicating HSBNE ownership. The red ticket is not allowed to be removed by any member until the issues have been rectified. If the issues have not been rectified within 14 days, then the item(s) in question may be disposed of or claimed by another member.

Note: Red Tickets are not applied to item(s) in shared work spaces if the item(s) can be moved to the doom shelves. See Doom Shelves above.

Orange Ticket (Borked or Broken)

Sometimes equipment breaks, or it becomes partially functional. Orange Tickets indicate what is wrong and who found or broke it. They also state if this tool should not be used, or if it can be used but has some unexpected quirks, such as a dead channel on an oscilloscope.

Members are required to issue an Orange Ticket for any equipment they break, or find broken, if it does not already have one. Members must read any Orange Tickets in full before attempting to use equipment with one.